Wednesday20th January

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Maths 200121 Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-3 recap answers

Maths 200121 Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-3 recap

Writing a Non-Chronological Report PowerPoint

English Features-of-a-Non-Chronological-Report-Text-Checklist

English Non-Chronological-Report-Display-Poster

Science Heating and Cooling


Tuesday 19th January

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Maths Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit Recap

Maths 190121 Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit Recap answers

Maths  Divide 2-digit and 1-digit challenge and answers

What Sikhs Believe Powerpoint

What Sikhs believe

PSHE – Feelings

PSHE Facial Expressions Activity Sheet


Monday 18th January

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Math Divide 2-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo   

Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit questions

Maths Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit answers

Maths Divide 2-digit by 1-digit challenge and answers

English Reading Comprehension

PSHE Storyboard

PE challenges at home activity planner

PE challenges at home wb


Friday 15th January

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Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo

Maths Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit challenge and answers

Maths Multipl-3-digits-by-1-digit answers

Maths 140121 Multipl-3-digits-by-1-digit

English_Sentence Writing

Topic Great Rivers of the World booklet


Thursday 14th January

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Maths Multiplying -2-digit and 1-digit numbers on Vimeo

Maths 130121 Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit

Maths 130121 Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit answers

Maths 130121 Multiplying 2-digit and 1-digit numbers Challenge

PE challenges at home

Science Gases

Activities for a winter walk


Tuesday 12th January

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Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit  on Vimeo

Maths 120121 Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit

Maths 120121 Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit Answers

Maths 120121 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit challenge and answers

English 120121 a-place-for-plastic-story-powerpoint

English 120121 Place for plastic writing activity

PSHE 120121 Achievements Prompt Sheet

PSHE 120121 What I Am Proud of Activity Sheet

Solids, liquids and gases (clip compilation) – KS2 Science – BBC Bitesize

Science 120121 Solid liquid gas

The behaviour of particles in solids, liquids and gases – KS2 Science – BBC Bitesize


Monday 11th January

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Written methods on Vimeo

Maths Written-methods

Maths Written-methods answers

Written Methods Challenge

English Pollution

Topic Rivers

Rivers – BBC Bitesize

P.E with Joe


Friday 8th January

Morning Greeting Instructions

Maths Written methods on Vimeo

Maths Efficient Multiplication Challenge and Answers

Maths Efficient-multiplication answers

Maths 080121 Efficient-multiplication

Sabryna and the River Spirit Guided Reading Questions

Topic Lesson Presentation The Water Cycle

Topic Activity Sheet Mini Water Worlds

Topic Water Cycle Wheel

Topic water-cycle-labelling-activity-sheet


Thursday 7th January

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Maths Factor pairs on Vimeo

Maths Factor-pairs

Math Factor-pairs answers

Maths Factor Pairs Challenge and answers

Sabryna and the River Spirit Guided Reading Questions

Topic River Journey

Topic River Glossary


Wednesday 6th January

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 Multiply 3 numbers on Vimeo

Maths Multiply-3-numbers

Maths Multiply 3 numbers challenge

Maths Multiply-3-numbers answers

Sabryna and the River Spirit Part One

Topic Rivers 060121 Session 1

Sabryna and the River Spirit Colouring Pages – Landscape

Sabryna and the River Spirit Colouring Pages – Portrait

Sabryna and the River Spirit Guided Reading Questions


Tuesday 5th January

Morning Message 

English  How-to-Write-a-Recount-Powerpoint

English Recount Instructions

Maths Challenge

Maths 11-and-12-times-table

Maths 11-and-12-times-table Answers

Sapphire Maths Resources

PE Personal Best Certificate- Skipping

PE Skipping Challenge

PSHE all-about-new-year-activity-powerpoint

PSHE 050121 new-years-resolutions-activity-sheet

Skipping You Tube

Covid Topic