We believe that every member of our school community should have ‘Life in all it’s Fullness’. As part of our vision as a truly inclusive school, we offer support to both pupils and parents when times are difficult for any reason.

This guide is to introduce our staff member Mrs Cleeves and to explain a little of her role as Learning Mentor/Parent Support Adviser at Kingshill Church School.


The word “Mentor” was first used by Ancient Greeks and means “a wise or trusted counsellor”.

The role of our Learning Mentor is to support pupils so that they can make the most of their learning opportunities by breaking down their barriers to learning, therefore leading to happier, positive children both within the classroom and at home.

As part of the mentoring programme, there will be designated periods where children can spend time with a trusted adult to share information confidentially. These sessions may include children that have a low self-esteem, are de-motivated, show elements of unacceptable behaviour, pupils who have suffered a bereavement, bullying or family breakups.

The needs of individual children will be met by means of role play, circle time, games, social skills, reading, art. Targets will be set and worked within a timetable. Pupils will be selected to work on a 1:1 basis or within a small group if appropriate.

Some issues may require long term support whilst others may need short blocks of time or an isolated session.


● Trained Counsellors
● Classroom Assistants
● Disciplinarians


● A role model
● An active listener
● A supporter
● An encourager
● A professional friend


Parenting isn’t an easy job and at times things can get tough – homework can seem daunting, finances are often stretched to the limit and problem behaviour can be really upsetting. Our Parent Support Adviser can help you deal with any worries or concerns about your child and to help you tackle any home issues that are making school life difficult for you and your family. She can offer a listening ear, supporting the move to secondary school, welcome you as a new parent, help with routine and offer information about other agencies. If she cannot help she will refer you to specialist agencies or support services if you wish.


Referrals may come from any adult connected to that child, ie a parent/carer, teacher, lunchtime staff. Parents/carers will be contacted before any mentoring takes place.

All sensitive issues will be treated in the strictest confidence.


. Improved motivation
. Improves levels of basic and key skills
. Raised self-esteem
. Increase in confidence
. Empathy towards others
. Reaching full potential
. Reducing challenging behaviour
. Raise standards and achievement
. Remove barriers to learning

There is now more evidence to support the effectiveness of Learning Mentors and Parent Support Advisers in our schools, both in terms of raised standards and happier children.

We are committed to improving the well-being of all our children at Kingshill School.

If any parent/carer has any concerns about their child please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Cleeves on 01275 852720 or alternatively you can write a message and hand it into the school office or send an email to:-