Messages from staff …

From Mrs Bellingham – Dear Children of Kingshill, I’ve been enjoying reading all the news and seeing all the pictures you’ve been sending in. This week I have been making bunting to go up outside our house for V.E Day which I’m really looking forward to celebrating – especially eating scones with cream! I’ve also been doing lots of gardening where I’ve seen little shoots and buds appearing which is exciting as I know they will be beautiful flowers and plants in the summer! When I go for my daily walks and I see rainbows in the windows and they remind me of you as we made rainbows in the last week of school. They always make me smile! Take care of yourselves and your families.

From Mrs Smith – Hi Sapphire, long time no see! Hopefully, you are all safe and enjoying lots of family time. I have been busy with gardening and walking Frank (or him walking me!) I have also been reading lots and checking into new developments about Space which I love. Did you know the Sun has been very quiet lately – not many solar flares. Did you also know it takes 24 days for the Sun to rotate once? Keep on being safe and helping each other. See you soon.

From Mrs Kite – Hi Children, I hope that you’ve had a super week even though the weather hasn’t been quite as warm. We’ve been keeping busy by going for walks, enjoying family time and of course doing a lot of gardening. You may have noticed there are a lot of butter cups in full bloom at the moment and did you know they are not all the same? Have a closer look next time, some have different amounts of petals, then check the sepals underneath – some go up, some are down, some have deeply lobed leaves and some stalks even have grooves in them. I have also put some sunflower and pea seeds in the courtyard raised beds so they brighten up the school for when we are back and the garden club has something to harvest. I’m really missing seeing you all and I hope that you’re managing to keep up with science. Hope to see you soon

From Miss Ham – Hi Opal class! I hope you’re all well and staying safe. I love seeing what you’ve been up to in the weekly newsletters – it looks like you’re having lots of fun and being creative. I’ve been taking my dog Mabel on lots of walks and have spent lots of time doing DIY in my garden. I’ve also been doing quiz evenings with my family and friends – we’ve picked some fun trivia topics to ask questions about. You should try it at home! We’ve had such beautiful sunshine so that has helped to motivate me to get outside. I’ve realised what a difference it makes to do some outdoor activity and exercise each day and have felt very grateful for the nice weather – what have you been doing to stay active? I’ve seen some of your friends from Opal when I’ve been helping at school – they told me that some of you had a zoom call which sounds like great fun! I also loved the video that some children sent in of them singing “Shotgun” – it made me feel really happy. Have you been video calling your family and friends? It’s good to stay in touch and even a short call can brighten your day. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again. Take care and look after each other!

From Mrs Foxwell – Hello Topaz Class I hope you’ve all been busy at home, enjoying your families and the weather. I had a nice surprise this week. Mrs Bellingham gave me some bulbs for my birthday last year. I had completely forgotten about them until the first one popped up and blossomed. It’s a beautiful, purple flower and I’m looking forward to the others coming out. Yesterday a huge heron landed on the roof of my neighbour’s house. It was quite a sight and we were all very excited as we love birds. I finished my jigsaw and am going to start a new one. I’m also going to give my son Joe his first piano lesson! I wonder what you have cooked this week? Cakes and biscuits seem to be very popular! Have you been remembering to exercise? It’s good fun and will help you to stay fit and healthy. There is a new website for you to look at. It has lots of interesting books for you to enjoy.

Stay safe and stay at home everyone

From Mrs Evans – Hi Children, I hope that you’ve had a lovely week even though the weather hasn’t been quite as hot. We’ve been keeping busy by reading lots, playing in the garden, making dens and starting to bake; we’ve tried welsh cakes and rice crispy cakes so far. I’m really missing seeing you all (although it’s nice not having to worry about the SATs for once!). I hope that you’re managing to keep up with the English, maths and topic work that we’ve set so your brains don’t turn to mush 😉 Really hope to see you soon

From Mrs Richards – Hello Amber Class, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and the extra-long Easter holiday break. Even though we’re all stuck indoors, there’s still lots to do and using your fabulous imaginations. I’m sure you’ve had no trouble keeping busy. It would be great to hear what some of you have been up to. Have you explored the Online Resources List as there are so many great websites to visit, with lots of fun things to do? You can find it on the school website. Make sure you get enough exercise every day, I’m doing the Joe Wicks one each morning but remember, there’s Cosmic Kids Yoga, Go Noodle as well as BBC Super Movers and many more. For the rest of the day you will feel happier, stronger and calmer. Challenge of the week: Last term we learnt a lot about our bodies and how fantastically amazing they are. So, this challenge is about living without one of our precious body parts. No Thumbs. Tape your thumbs to the side of their hands and do basic tasks such as opening a door or using a phone. Be sure that the tape is not too tight as you don’t want to hurt yourself. It doesn’t sound too difficult since you still have your fingers, but it’s surprising how much we use our thumbs! If you get through the basic tasks, do something even more challenging such as writing or tying shoelaces. Joke of the week: How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it. Tip of the week: Make sure you get some exercise everyday.

From Mrs Foxwell – Hi Topaz Class. How are you all? I’ve enjoyed looking at all your photos and seeing just how creative and resourceful you are being. It’s lovely also to see so many of you working with your brothers and sisters as this is a great time to share ideas and learn from each other. We’ve been working together in my family too. We’re in the middle of a difficult jigsaw called ‘I love the Country’. It’s a rather strange picture though as there is a penguin flying, a man in a hot air balloon fishing and a sheep in a pub! We’ve also been on some beautiful walks in the fields where all you can hear are your own footsteps, birds or bees. It’s so peaceful. We’ve had to trim each other’s fringes too. This wasn’t very successful! Please remember to keep reading, practising your times tables and spelling. A little each day is better than none at all! Stay safe and well.

From Miss Pennell – Hi Diamond Class I hope you had a lovely Easter. What lovely sunny weather we have been having. I have enjoyed watching the flowers starting to bloom and I have even discovered some bluebells on my dog walk which I have never noticed before. What flowers can you see on your walk or in your home or garden? Can you find a flower or leaf for all the colours of the rainbow? It was my dog’s birthday on Wednesday and he found a birthday stick on his walk and carried it all the way home. He was very pleased with himself. Thank you for your Tapestry observations. Take care everyone

From Mrs Richards – Good Morning Amazing Amber, I hope you’ve all had a good week and have been having lots of fun. It was my mum’s birthday on Monday, and she was 70! I couldn’t let this special birthday go without marking it in some way. So, we went on our favourite dog walk and I surprised her with a few lovely treats, and we sat in the sunshine and talked and laughed about ‘the good old days’, which she loved. Mum also had a delivery on her doorstep, it was a beautiful sculpture that her grandchildren had made during their home-schooling time. Words can’t express how happy it made her and how much she enjoyed her day due to small thoughtful gestures from the people she loves. So remember, if you know someone with a birthday during lock down, take a bit of time to create something special for them. These kind actions go a long way these days. Make sure you keep up with your exercise, it will keep your brain and body happy. Have a super week, keep safe and be kind and thoughtful to others. Here comes challenge of the week! Challenge of the week: Okay, so last week we tried to do things with our non-dominant hand, I wonder how you all got on with that? This week the focus will be on your feet. What basic tasks can you carry out using your feet? Maybe you could try picking things up that are different weights and sizes or opening a door. You could also challenge each other to draw and paint things using only your feet. Make sure you ask a grown-up first. I think you’ll definitely enjoy seeing your feet-art! Joke: What time would it be if Godzilla came to school? Time to run! (I thought Louie might like this one) Tip of the week: Make sure you get enough sleep at night; it will make you feel loads better the next day.

From Jack and Rich – Our Sports Coaches, Hi Kingshill, Really sorry Jack and I can’t be with you at this present time. We have both really missed coaching you guys each week and would love to come back and see all your smiling faces as soon as we can. We wish you all a fabulous Easter and look forward to coming back into Kingshill and coaching you all as soon as possible.

From Mrs Foxwell – Hello Topaz Class. It’s been three weeks since I last saw you and in that time, I’ve seen something amazing happen. Two excited, noisy and very hard-working magpies have worked together to build a nest in my tree. Now one is sitting in it, presumably on an egg! It made me wonder what you have all been up to. I’ve really missed your smiling faces and hope that you’ve been enjoying your time with your families. I hope you’ve been reading and finding lots of reasons to write and in this beautiful weather, using your gardens to be active and explore. What about making an obstacle course out of some bits and bobs or going on a minibeast hunt? I’ve been doing lots of cooking and it would be a good opportunity for you to weigh and measure and read a recipe if you had an adult to help you. Its great fun!  Look after yourselves.

From Miss Ham – Hi Opal Class! I’ve loved seeing photos of your home learning in the newsletter each week. It looks like you’re having lots of fun! Well done to everyone for everything you have been doing at home, whether you’re doing learning set by school or other family and independent activities. Its making me feel very proud to see how you’re getting on at home in this strange time. I miss you all and I’m looking forward to seeing you again in school. Take care, stay safe and have a lovely Easter!

From Miss Pennell – Hello Diamond Class Thank you for all your lovely observations on Tapestry. I have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things you are doing at home. Everyone’s being very creative and learning in such a fun way, just like we do in class. Families have been baking, walking, making Easter crafts, discovering dinosaur footprints and making bug houses. Take care.

From Mrs Bennett and Mrs Evans  Hi Emerald Class, We hope you are safe and well at home with your families and have been having lots of fun together and keeping your minds and bodies active. We’ve missed teaching you this last week and would love to see what you’ve been up to. If you wrote the next chapter of Alma it would be great if you could send in your writing, we’ve been wondering where your wonderful imaginations have taken the story to next…

Have you been keeping active with Joe Wick’s workouts? Our families have been trying to keep up with him every morning – it’s been quite a challenge! We’ve also made rainbows to put in our windows and hope they make children smile when they walk past our houses as we love seeing rainbows in other people’s windows.

We hope you’ve been reading lots and would be really interested in your book recommendations and reviews. Breaking news – the Darkwood sequel is coming out soon so look out for that 😊 Mrs Bennett and Mrs Evans

From Mrs Cleeves -Dear Children, I hope you are all enjoying your home learning, be proud of your accomplishments and remember we are all proud of you. All the staff at Kingshill are enjoying seeing your work and photos that your parents are sending in, please keep them up they make us smile every day. Continue to try hard, please ask for help if you need it, fill your homes with laughter, smiles and make special memories with your families. Stay happy, make the right choices and we will see you soon. Mrs Cleeves

From Mrs Wilson – Hi Sapphire Class, I hope you have all had some fun with your family over the last two weeks and enjoyed the dry weather for a little outdoor exercise! I am sure you are being really helpful around the house and found lots of ways to keep yourself busy. I look forward to seeing some of your photos in the school newsletter! I wish you and all your families a very happy Easter next week. Stay safe and thinking of you all. From Mrs Wilson:

From Miss Ham – Hi Opal Class, I hope you’re all keeping safe and taking care. What lovely sunshine we’ve had this week – I hope you’ve been having lots of fun outside with your families. I’m looking forward to seeing some photos of the activities you’ve been doing at home – be sure to send them to Mrs Thomson. It must be strange being at home and doing school work – just do as much as you are able to do. Make sure you have lots of breaks and have fun ‘teaching’ your adults too! I know you’re especially good at telling your families all about phonics!
Have a lovely week and stay safe. Miss Ham

From Mrs Henley – I have been for a couple of walks around Nailsea with my daughter and spotted lots of rainbows in windows…and each time it makes me think of our lovely Kingshill children and smile.