Our school life is underpinned by  Christian Values -Wisdom, Respect, Compassion, Hope, Peace, Justice, Friendship, Responsibility, Service, Forgiveness, Trust, Thankfulness, Courage, Perseverance  and Creation. Each year we focus on 6 values, which link to our Collective Worship and our regular times for Spirituality  and Reflective Thinking. This year our values are : Respect, Compassion, Responsibility,Courage, Perseverance and Hope.

Collective Worship

We plan our collective worship around our values. Here’s what we do each week:

On Monday we set the theme for the week and look to how we can live by that value. We link this to what the Bible says and what Jesus taught. Sometimes we think about how people’s lives impact ours and sometimes we learn about different faiths.

On Tuesdays we sing our favourite worship songs and learn new ones!

Wednesday’s Collective Worship is led by our friends from ‘Open the Book’ . They act out and tell  stories from the Bible and the children always have a chance to join in and then ask questions.

On a Thursday we welcome our Rector from Christ Church and the Baptist pastor to lead our worship. Sometimes different teachers lead and sometimes we have a class assembly.

On a Friday when we meet for celebration we reflect on how the week has been. Spiritual Group meet regularly with Mrs Thomson to reflect on collective worship and to suggest ideas and how pupils c get involved.

An important part of our Collective Worship is our greeting – led by pupils: God said- ‘Let there be Light’,  Jesus said- ‘I am the Light of the World’, and The Holy Spirit ‘Is the light within us’. We use our ‘prayer pebbles’ as a way in which pupils can pray spontaneously for things that are on their hearts or that arise from our Worship.

We enjoy our church services too. Families are invited to share in : Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, Christingle and Easter Celebrations. We go to Christ Church for Christmas and Easter Services.






The children made some wonderful values banners which are on display in our hall.

Collective Worship Policy