Growth Mindset 

As a school, we embrace everyone having a Growth Mindset. We support our children to learn that no individual has limits and that they can succeed if they want to. We recognise effort as a key part of learning.

In our classes we use the language of, ‘If you can’t do something, you can’t do it yet‘.

When do we use our Growth Mindset? ALWAYS!

When we have a Growth Mindset, it changes how we talk about challenge, our work and learning. If we have a fixed mindset, we are reluctant to take risks, put the effort in or be resilient when we face challenges. Here are some of our famous quotes and language we use in class.

Below are some Growth Mindset videos that are our favourites.

Growth Mindset (1 of 5) | Social Emotional Learning for kids – YouTube

Sesame Street: Janelle Monae – Power of Yet – YouTube

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don’t Give Up – YouTube