‘Let’s keep busy’ Healthy Mind and Body: physical activity and creative ideas.

‘Let’s keep busy’ Healthy Mind and Body: physical activity and creative ideas
Whilst we all find ourselves working/schooling from home, it is important to still keep active maintaining our physical and mental health! This document contains details/links to a range of resource ideas to keep us all busy at this challenging time. This will be updated and shared on a weekly basis (Friday). If anyone wishes to share any ideas that others in the network/community, please share via nsspea@mail.

Sport England: How to Stay Active whilst you’re are home
We’re all now spending more time at home and that means many of us are thinking about how we can get, or stay, active.
Official advice is to follow the guidance on social distancing and avoid non-essential travel – including working from home if you can – which means our routines are changing.
But staying active is more important than ever right now, and even if you’re mostly in your house at the moment, there are plenty of ways you can still do so.

• Dance with Kids;
• Indoor activities for kids
• Accessible activities

BBC SuperMovers:
Fun dance/movement videos with some of your favourite CBeebies/CBBC and other well known characters

‘Getting Kids moving so they can be their best’

School Games Challenges: these games/challenges could be adapted for all the family to play and with the equipment you have available Spot Bucket Hoop Keepy uppy Reaction Challenge Rebound Scavenger Hunt

Youth Sport Trust: Free Home Learning Resources
Personal Challenge:
A fun ‘compete against yourself’ approach to physical activity with a focus on resilience and perseverance and the aim to achieve bronze, silver or gold medal aims. We have a range of activity cards and videos.
• Air Balloon Challenge
• Around the World Challenge
• Bean Bag Throw Challenge
• Climb the Mountain Challenge
• Skipping Challenge
• Speed Bounce Challenge
• Squat Jump Challenge

Active Breaks:
These are general fun physical activities for children to do throughout the day as a way to get active, have fun as a family and break up the day. Examples include hide and seek, den or fort building and ‘hot potato’ ball games.

Physical Education Home Learning:
PE activities that can be done individually or in pairs/small groups with a focus on the development of physical competence and actively learning the importance of personal skills to support social, emotional and mental well-being.

Pent-Active: 21 day Challenge
The link below will take you to a page promoting the Pent-Active 21 Day Challenge. This offers the chance to practise and develop fundamental skills and raise fitness levels.

The next challenge will begin on the 1st April and will be led online by Olympic medalist Samantha Murray, via the Facebook page. There is an opportunity to win resource packs, with a closing date of the 26th March.

Why not learn (or improve) a skill; ‘My Personal Best’
There are lots of online video tutorials; why not learn to Hula-hoop, Juggle (2, 3 or more balls/objects), do Keepy-uppys (football or other ball/object), Skipping challenges

Try and improve your personal best. Practice a little every day.
Can you keep going for 1, 20, 30 seconds? How many can you do in 10, 30, 60 seconds?

Cup Stacking; online challenges and personal best

Improve your movement and hand eye coordination by building structures out of cups as quick as possible. This exercise will offer you both physical and mental benefits as you improve your accuracy and movement.
Get ready to be amazed!!
The links below shows some of the Speed stacking World Records; 3-3-3 3-6-3 The Cycle

Jo Wicks ‘The Body Coach’: Daily PE Workouts
Daily PE Workouts from the Body Coach Joe Wicks Joe Wicks PE Workout 1
Excellent for your Physical and Mental Health

Match of the Day Podcast: Top Ten Captains
Any great Premier League team needs a great captain, and there have been several legendary players to wear the armband over the years – but who has been the greatest leader of all?
Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright discussed the topic on the new Match of The Day: Top 10 podcast and we asked you to get involved by ranking your favourites from a shortlist drawn up by the Match of the Day commentary team.
Why not rank your own list of Captains and share/compare with your friends!
Each week there will be a new top ten list to consider.

Garden Games
These are just a few suggestions of games that could be played in the garden. You can find lots of catching games and challenges online.

Garden Boule Catching games Frisbee catch

Creative Minds: challenge yourself

Illustration tutorial: Rob Biddulph
Rob Biddulph is a children’s author and illustrator. Rob is posting daily online tutorials for children (and adults) to learn how to draw some of his favourite characters, including Gregasuras and Sausage Dog.

The National Trust launches ‘Nature Diary’ writing project:
The National Trust launches “nature diary” writing project to celebrate spring equinox. It exists to help everyone find calm and comfort and get their creative juices flowing

Junior Bake Off
Fun recipes and challenges

Horrible Histories
Do you know The Monarchs’ Song from start to finish?
Horrible Histories superfans often brag about knowing ‘The Monarchs’ Song’ off by heart… well, now is your time to prove it! How many tries will it take you to get all the way to Queen Elizabeth II?

Wildlife Challenge: How many different birds can you spot and identify in the garden?
Can you spot any birds (or wildlife) that you have never seen before?

Garden Minibeast Hunt: How many can you find and identify?

100 Best Books to read before you’re 14: books for all ages

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