A challenge: Aldi – official sponsors of The Olympic Team GB – have created a great resource for children to try at home. The activities build on basic knowledge about healthy food and habits, providing opportunities for pupils to expand their vocabulary in: naming and describing foods; discussing and building basic cooking skills; exploring foods from other cultures; getting active as a group; having fun thinking about food and sport; and considering taste and flavour. There are 4 activities to complete and some Japanese-inspired recipes for you to create and taste if you’re feeling adventurous!

Home_Activities Powerpoint


1) HEALTHY A-Z: Writing or drawing a healthy food, sport, action or active game for each letter of the alphabet. How many letters can you complete?

2) SEASONALITY WHEEL: Match the foods to the season or seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) in which they are at their best in the UK.

3) TEAM GB TRAINING BINGO: A group game where you can pretend you are taking part in various Olympic sports

4) TASTE TREASURE HUNT: Match the tastes to the foods

We hope you enjoy having a go at the activities, remember to send us any pictures of what you get up to.