Welcome to Kingshill Church School

A Bath and Wells Academy

We Believe in Learning Without Limits

Sharing Christian Values

An Open, Encouraging Community

Kingshill Church School

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website. At Kingshill we pride ourselves on being a church school, with a caring, friendly, warm and welcoming community. I hope you find the website useful and invite you to visit at any time to see us in action!

Kingshill Church School is a small primary school (ages 4-11) on a large site on the northern edge of Nailsea and we belong to the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust. We enjoy very close links with our partner church, Christ Church in Nailsea, which makes an active contribution to the work of the school. The school is strengthened by the commitment of our active parent body -Kingshill Friends’ Association -who support the school by raising funds and holding events for our pupils and their families.

Being a Church Schools gives us our identity and our Values, Vision and Ethos show the essence of who we are. (see the Values, Vision and Ethos Page)

Life-Long learning, Community and Friendship

In our school we enjoy and celebrate inspiring, inclusive and life-long learning. We are an open, encouraging community sharing Christian values especially love and respect. We value friendship built on honesty, trust and acceptance in a caring environment.

Life-Long Learning- Learning Without Limits

At Kingshill we believe in Learning Without Limits. This means that we truly believe that everyone is capable of extraordinary and amazing things not just at school but at home and throughout their lives!

We believe that we shouldn’t set a ceiling or a limit on what anyone is able to do. We believe in hard work and challenge!

We believe that everybody should be involved in all aspects of school life and that everybody’s opinions matter. We trust pupils to know themselves as learners so that they develop skills in making good decisions and in challenging themselves; asking questions and deepening understanding.  We all work together and everyone is included. Working in  our cross- year group community groups mean that we work collaboratively in a supportive atmosphere and classes are expected to take on BIG challenges and answer BIG questions.  If we get this right then we will expect to be surprised by our pupils and enjoy the unpredictability  that this brings!

Community-Living and Learning Together

To help us build a thriving learning community  we use the phrase Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe. We need to be ready to learn, we need to be respectful in all we do and we need to know how to keep ourselves and others safe.

Friendship- Living out our values

We care about each other and about the world. Our Christian Values underpin all we do:  Respect, Compassion,  Responsibility, Courage,  Perseverance, Hope


We live by the British Values of: Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.

‘The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.’ ‘The school has high aspirations for pupils and staff and believe that everyone has the chance to succeed.’ ‘Adults develop very positive relationships with pupils. They set consistently high expectations and supervise pupils well at all times.’ ‘Pupils enjoy school and are extremely welcoming and polite. They are keen to chat and are clearly very proud of their school.’ ‘Pupils find lessons interesting and challenging. This motivates them to concentrate on their learning, because they are determined to succeed.’ OFSTED March 2018

Our school has been described as caring, welcoming and friendly. We pride ourselves on building effective working relationships with our children, our parents and our community. Visitors are impressed with the calm and purposeful atmosphere around the school, the politeness of our children and the helpfulness of our staff. Within our Christian context, we aim to serve our children to the very best of our ability, promoting Christian values, tolerance and a zest for life.

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