At Kingshill believe in Learning Without Limits. This means that we truly believe that everyone is capable of extraordinary and amazing things!

We believe that  we shouldn’t  set a ceiling or a limit on what anyone is able to do. We believe in  hard work and challenge!

There are four principles to Learning Without Limits and they form the basis of this pedagogy:

We believe that everybody should be involved in all aspects of school life and that everybody’s opinions matter. We trust pupils to know themselves as learners so that they develop skills in making good decisions and in challenging themselves; asking questions and deepening understanding.  We all work together in a spirit of co-agency, our cross- year group community groups mean that we work collaboratively in a supportive atmosphere and classes are expected to take on BIG challenges and answer BIG questions.  If we get this right then we will expect to be surprised by our pupils and enjoy the unpredictability  that this brings!

To help us, we use our 7Rs, which remind us about tools we all have within us to support and develop our learning behaviours. These important qualities are: Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Reliability, Risk-Taking, Responsibility, Respectfulness and Resilience.

Please have a look at the information below for more details!