The children have had lots of fun during Term 1 learning about number and place value. They have done lots of counting (up to and beyond 100!), as well as number bonds to 10 and addition & subtraction. The children have been creative and have used sand, play dough, bricks, giant dominoes, whiteboards & pens, games, puzzles and peg boards in order to develop their learning. The children have also been working on their presentation in their books and are trying really hard to form their numbers correctly, as well as writing within the maths squares.


Throughout Term 1 in English, the children have been learning about ‘Traditional Tales’ and our class book has been ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children have had lots of different learning opportunities including; a puppet theatre, making their own masks of the characters from the story and then having a go at acting, creating their own story board, making their own farm using real soil, learning about how flour is made and a visit from a real hen! Rosie the hen and Farmer Meg came for a visit to Opal Class. The children learnt all about how flour is made from wheat and had a go at using a very old fashioned grinder. They also planted their own wheat seeds and stroked Rosie. It was a fantastic visit and it was amazing for the children to meet the ‘real life Little Red Hen’!

Opal Class really enjoy being taught by Mrs Kite on a Tuesday afternoon. In Term 1 they learnt about Science and different materials. For their first lesson in September, they made chocolate corn flake cakes to learn about what happens when chocolate is heated up – it goes through an exciting change. From then on, their topic was “What materials should the three little pigs have used to build their house?” which is linked to the class topic of ‘Traditional Tales’. They have really enjoyed exploring different materials and carrying out scientific tests in groups!