The Local Governing Board (LGB) is made up of representatives from parents, staff and the local community and works with the school to achieve the best possible education for all the children.

The governors help the school towards raising standards, support the Headteacher and staff, monitor and evaluate the progress the school makes towards its priorities and targets and is accountable to the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) for the overall performance of the school and the strategic decisions made.

The full LGB meets five times a year and there are three sub-committees which monitor particular areas in more detail, Ethos, Finance & Premises and Teaching & Learning.

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The members of the Local Governing Board (at January 2018) are as follows:-



Anthony Fletcher Rogers (AFR) – (Chair, MAT Appointed) Term of office ends 1.4.2021

I am a parent at the school and have been a Governor since the Kingshill became an Academy in April 2013, becoming Chair in March 2015. I work in Information Technology in Bristol, so I have always had a focus on the way technology can be used effectively as well as being the Governor representative on the E-Safety Committee.

As Chair of Governors, I have been privileged to be part of the journey the school has been on and to lead a committed team who bring a wide range of skills to provide strategic direction and challenge to the school. I have recently been elected as the LGB representative on the Bath and Wells Multi-Academy Trust’s Board, which gives me a greater insight into the strategic vision of the Trust, as well as being able to provide a governors’ perspective in the way governance in the Trust is developed.



Darren Watts (DW) – (Vice-Chair, Finance & Premises Committee Chair, Parent Governor) 

I have been a Parent Governor for the last two years and I am Chair of the Finance & Premises Committee. My experience as an accountant means that I can support the school with revising budgets and plans and providing challenge to financial decisions being made. Having two children who attended Kingshill and moved to Nailsea School; also Ruby and Sam who are currently at the school, I have a keen interest in helping the local Governing Board make  the right decisions for the best interests of the school. As a Parent Governor, if you have any questions about, what we do or anything you want raised, just get in touch with the office or email me


Jan Thomson (JT) – (Headteacher) Term of office ends 1.1.2022




Elizabeth Everitt (EE) – (Ethos Committee Chair, MAT Appointed) Term of office ends 1.4.2021

I have been a MAT appointed Governor on the Local Governing Board since Kingshill Church School became an academy in 2013. I bring to the board experience as a primary school teacher, a governor, and grandmother of primary and secondary age children. I serve on the Teaching and Learning Committee and as chair of the Ethos Committee.

I have been an active member of Christ Church since moving to Nailsea in 1992 and believe passionately in the values of our Church school and the importance of its links with the parish church. I feel very much part of the ‘Kingshill Family’, and am so proud of its continually increasing success in providing the highest quality education for all its children.


Philippa Pearce (PP) – (MAT appointed) Term of office ends 03.06.2019

I have lived in Nailsea for about nine years. As a tutor for university students with Specific Learning Difficulties, such as dyslexia, I hear first hand of the lasting impact, positive or negative, schools and teachers can have. Because of this, I am happy to be on the Ggoverning Board at Kingshill. I am on the Ethos Committee, being a member of Nailsea Baptist Church.



Roger Evans (RE) – (Finance & Premises Committee, MAT appointed) Term of office ends 29.11.2021

My Career was working as a Civil Servant in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  I worked in London and Bristol on various projects which I found interesting and fulfilling. I took early retirement in 1991 and was the administrator for Victim Support for several years; also I was involved with the setting up of Wellspring Counselling and then counselling with them and with Network in Bristol.  Recently I have been the administrator of ‘The Nailsea-Uganda Water Project’ where we raised money for the Ugandans to build water tanks to catch rain water from their roofs.  I am also very involved with Southfield Church and various ecumenical events.

Because of my interest in engineering I would want to encourage the children at Kingshill to be inspired and to see the wonders of science and the possibilities of engineering.

I have four children, (three of whom were taught at ‘Pound Lane’ School – as it was known then), twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Consequently I have a good reason to be interested with education and seeing Christian values being developed in the school environment.

 Malcolm Pemble (MP) – (MAT appointed) Term of office ends 17.12.2021

I am a Foundation Governor with strong links to Christ Church, Nailsea where my wife and I have worshipped since our arrival in Nailsea  31 years ago. I have been a past Governor and Chair of Governors at Wraxall Primary School, and I also served on the Board of Governor’s at City of Bristol College for 8 years. In addition, I also served on the Board of ‘The Link’ at Nailsea School.

I am now retired, but when I was still working I spent many hours helping school children of all ages to appreciate what opportunities existed for them in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to draw on my previous involvement with the education sector and to get involved with the future development of our school.

Dave Prescott (DP) – (Associate Governor) Term of office ends 11.5.2019



Revd. Tony Roake (AR) – Ethos (Associate Governor, Chaplain) Term of office ends 24.3.2018


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LGB Minutes 27-09-2017
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There is a Governance Handbook which is a reference point for all Governors. Click here to access this document through the DfE website

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